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David Evans

images in the eleventy base blog

As far as I can tell the eleventy base blog looks great across most devices. Even the post with the image of the possum.

The base blog image is 350px so my first thought was simply to resize my images to this width and all would be fine. The 11ty image plugin comes as a working feature of the base blog, so this resizing is fairly easy to do.

The possum post has this code to display the possum image.

 {% image "./possum.png", "A possum parent and two possum kids hanging from the iconic red balloon" %} 

This calls the image shortcode which generates a possum image and returns the html code to display it. The image shortcode will accept a width, but as the possum image is already a good size there is no need to pass a width and the shortcode defaults to creating an image of the orginal width. This works nicely for the possum image!

If you image is larger you will need to pass a width. To create a 350px width image from a larger image for example you could use the following:

 {% image "./purpleFlowers.png", "some purple flowers", [350] %} 

But it turns out 350px is not the ideal image width for the base blog. It works well for the possum image because it has a transparent background and looks ok off-centre. But a regular 350px image will be off centre and look small on most devices. Instead I created an 800px image.

 {% image "./purpleFlowers.png", "some purple flowers", [800] %} 

This will be too big on some devices so I set a max width in the css.

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

Here is the image:

some purple flowers

This seems to be working ok so far for my modest image requirements.